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About my Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Moy, actually Moylan Lovell and I live in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I started this journey primarily because gluten makes me sick.


I grew up in a household of cooks and for a time my family ran a very successful catering business. Food was celebrated and took center stage in our lives. My family had a reputation for making great food, my Dad was also the baker, making fresh bread every weekend. In fact I cannot remember a single time when we met as a family or with friends without some kind of spread!


With my diagnosis, I felt cheated. Was I expected to live without roti, bread, doubles? What about coconut bake or pholourie? These were the dishes that for the most part were unique to my culture. I sought to remedy that and Moy's Gluten Free Kitchen was born.


My first goal then and now is to convert favourite Caribbean inspired recipes to Gluten Free delights. Second to that I prepare a selection of gluten free baked goods for sale. I firmly believe that in spite of whatever food restriction is imposed on us, be it celiac disease, non celiac related gluten sensitivity, graves disease, lactose intolerance and so on, we deserve to enjoy what we eat. Life is meant to be delicious and I want to do my part to make it so!

Interested in custom recipes for your brand? Find out how to work with me here

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