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We can help! us for any of the following:

  • General orders of baked goods and mixes e.g. bread or muffins (see here). We bake breads, cakes, muffins etc. by order only so that you always get baked fresh goods. The exception would be roti, both sada and dhalpuri, which we make each week but generally sell frozen.

  • Celebration Cakes e.g. wedding or anniversary. The large majority of our cakes are covered in buttercream. We can do very light fondant work but not elaborately shaped or themed cakes. At this time we also use real floral decorations where needed. Please provide as much design detail as possible so we can finalise your options (MORE HERE)

  • Catering for small events e.g. bridal showers or family dinners. For intimate events we can provide a selection of sweet and savoury desserts as well as main course dishes. We can also assist with setup, rental of dishes and utensils, service or wait staff and cleanup (SEND US A MESSAGE)

  • Consultations with respect to Gluten Free Living, or other diet restrictions. It would be our pleasure to help with your transition if you are at the beginning of your journey or interested in finding better ways to support a loved one or friend (SEND US A MESSAGE)

  • Baking classes where you will learn how to bake gluten free bread. Having successfully taught in person classes to Chefs and Home Bakers alike we are currently working on our online course. Please CLICK HERE if you wish to be informed when the class is live (expected by October 2023). In the meantime, reach out to us if you have a specific need.

For more information please message us and we will respond as soon as possible. We can also be reached by phone or WhatsApp at (868) 735 6236 

Have a question or want to place an order? Fill out the form below

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