Basic Product and Price List (TT dollars)

When ordering please let us know if you have any other restrictions e.g. eggs, dairy or nuts


Coconut Bake - $50 each

Banana Bread Loaf- $70 each (with or without almonds)


Vegan Sandwich Loaf- $60 each

Banana Muffins- $72 for six


Roti (sada type. pk of 4, approx. 8” diameter, sold frozen)- $55

Roti (dhalpuri. pk of 4, approx. 9” - 10" diameter, sold frozen)- $65

Brownies- $54 for six pieces

Chocolate Chip Cookies- $54 for six pieces

Chocolate Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting- $96 for six

Vanilla Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting- $90 for six

Pholourie Mix (285g)- $45

Bread and Roti Mix (453g )- $60*

Cake and Muffin Mix (453g) - $45*

Xanthan Gum (114g) - $50

*These mixes do not contain sugar, salt, baking powder or yeast. they are plain flour blends.

Placing your order

Place your order by phone or email here, contact us directly for specialty items e.g. celebration cakes

Orders for items on this list are generally completed for collection on Wednesday afternoons. We prefer a 4-day notice and no later than Tuesday afternoon for "late orders". Specialty cakes (excluding those for weddings) also require at least 4 days notice and are ready when you need it.

We accept cash at pickup or direct  bank deposit (Republic Bank Limited account will be advised). Debit and credit cards are not accepted at the moment



We are located in St. Helena Village, Piarco Trinidad. We bake by order only, there is no retail store front.

Orders can be collected in the St. Helena area or during the work week from a location in Port of Spain. Delivery to your home or office is not available at this time. Once you have placed your order we will send you directions.


Flour Blends

In spite of the claims, using a 1 to 1 or all purpose gluten free flour blend will not always yield the best results. There are multiple types of wheat based flour blends and while all purpose is the most popular you can also find bread flour or cake flour, each with unique characteristics that improves the end result for which it was specified. My recipes are written with this principal in mind and as such the flour blend will vary at times. There is the option to order my custom flour blends if that is more practical for you.

Bespoke Cakes


We make cakes and cupcakes for all of your special occasions, weddings, anniversaries and more. Our cakes are always gluten free and we also cater to those who may have other dietary restrictions, e.g. egg free or dairy free etc.


Our cakes are covered with buttercream, not fondant and we do not offer intricately shaped designs. This means that we pay more attention to the decorative elements that we add to our cakes based on your inspiration. Contact us here, we are ready to take your order


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