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Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Waffle

Updated: May 17, 2021

Usually I make waffles and freeze them for a quick breakfast whenever I need it. These chocolate with chocolate chips waffles are delicious, a little extra treat to start my morning. They do not last very long at all, it's kinda hard to do portion control when it's this tempting.

As a bonus I can top the waffles with so many different things. Like peanut butter, a coffee glaze, whipped cream and of course more chocolate. I suppose you could easily make this into a fancy dessert, I'm thinking caramel and ice cream!

The waffles are not the "lightest", without eggs or helpers like flax meal they may be a little more "bready", still a nice crisp on the outside especially if you follow my suggestion to place them in a keep warm oven setting until they're served. Straight from the fridge however, they toast up nicely.

Give the recipe a try, message me if you have questions and please enjoy it!

Gluten Free Waffles
Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Waffles


1 cup brown rice flour*

1/3 cup potato starch (not potato flour)*

1/8 cup tapioca starch*

½ tsp xanthan gum*

¼ tsp salt (loosely packed)*

¼ cup sugar (more to preference)

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder

¼ cup natural cocoa powder**

handful of chocolate chips

2 tbsp aquafaba*** (you can sub with non dairy milk)

¼ cup of oil

¼ tsp vanilla extract

½ tbsp vinegar

1 cup water (or more as needed; non dairy milk can work)

*Can substitute with an equal amount of a GF flour blend. If the blend has xanthan gum and/or salt there is no need to add more Every blend will give a slightly different result. The recipe can be modified accordingly e.g. with more water or baking powder

**I use natural and dutch processed cocoa powder, 2 tbsps each

***Aquafaba is the liquid brine collected from boiling chickpeas (channa), You can also drain the brine from a can of chickpeas in which case you may need less or no salt in the recipe. Check the ingredients on the back of the can to verify.


Add all of the dry ingredients, except for the chocolate chips, to a bowl and mix well to combine

Add the wet ingredients, start with 3/4 cup of the water. If you are using a mixer, beat for about 30 seconds on a low speed then on high for another 30 seconds. The mixture should be no thicker than pancake batter, it may in fact be better if the mix was a little runny. Add more water if needed

Fold in the chocolate chips

Preheat a waffle iron according to the manufacturer's instructions. You may have to lightly oil your waffle maker before using, however I did not.

When your waffle maker is ready, pour the batter into the waffle maker and cook according to the manufacturer's instructions. I used a mini waffle maker and each waffle took about ¼ cup

If you are using the waffles right away, place them on a wire rack and leave them inside of your oven or warming draw pre-heated to a keep warm setting. They should stay crisp until you are ready to serve. Alternately you could toast what you need until you get the desired crispness. Waffles store very well in the freezer, reheat to serve, no need to thaw.

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